Citywide Official Community Plan

The Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP) is a comprehensive plan that guides the overall future of the City and provides a broad framework for managing future change.

The CWOCP is at the top of the City's hierarchy of land use plans. Plans included in the CWOCP are Area Plans and Neighbourhood Plans. If there is a policy conflict between the CWOCP and an Area Plan, the Area Plan policies will take precedence over the Citywide policies.

From time to time, Council will consider amendments to the CWOCP Bylaw which may result in changes to this document. Users of this document will need to assume responsibility for making the necessary inquiries regarding these changes. Further information can be obtained from the City of Coquitlam Planning and Development Department 604-927-3400.

  • The following OCP sections include the following amending Bylaws:
    • Bylaw 4818, 2017 (passed November 27, 2017)
    • Bylaw 4805, 2017 (passed December 11, 2017)
    • Bylaw 4806, 2017 (passed December 11, 2017)
  • This page was last updated on ​​January ​​12, 201​7.

Cover Section (includes Amendment List)

Table of Contents​

Part 1 - Introduction

1. Introduction and Regional Context Statement

Part 2 - Achieving the Plan Goals

2. A Compact, Complete Community by Nature
3. A Healthy Environment
4. Housing Choices in Distinctive Neighbourhoods
5. A Vital Economy
6. Strategic Transportation Choices
7. Meeting Changing Community Service and Infrastructure Needs
8. Plan Implementation and Monitoring

Part 3 – Area and Neighbourhood Plans

9. Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan

Schedule A - Land Use Designations 
Schedule B - Evolving Network of Compact, Complete Communities 
Schedule C - Foreshore Area Designations & Management Areas 
Schedule D - Area Plan 
Schedule F - Watershed Boundaries

9.1 Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Land Use Designations
Schedule B: Greenways and Bike Routes 
Schedule C: Neighbourhood Centre

9.2 Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Land Use Designations
Schedule B: New Street and Lanes
Schedule C: Proposed Greenways and Cycle Routes
Schedule D: Street Frontage Hierarchy
Schedule E: Urban Design Framework
Schedule F: Districts
Schedule G: Watercourses and Riparian Areas 

9.3 Section Deleted 

9.4 Waterfront Village Centre Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Location Map 
Schedule B: Land Use Designations 
Schedule C: Illustrative Concept Plan 
Schedule D: Parks and Open Space 
Schedule E: Environmental Enhancement 
Schedule F: Heritage Interpretive Program 
Schedule G: Circulation Network - Pedestrian and Cycling 
Schedule H: Circulation Network - Streets and Parking 
Schedule I: District Energy 
Schedule J: Stormwater Servicing 
Schedule K: Water Servicing 
Schedule L: Sanitary Sewer 
Schedule M: Sustainability Checklist 
Schedule N: Alternative School /Commerical/ Parks and Open Space Site Concept 
Schedule P: Temporary Industrial use Permit Area - Waterfront Village

9.5 Austin Heights Neighbourhood Plan 

Schedule A: Land Use Designations  
Schedule B: Heirarchy of Streets 
Schedule C: Urban Structure 
Schedule D: Bicycle Network Plan 

10. Northwest Coquitlam Area Plan

Schedule C-1: Land Use Designations 
Schedule C-2: Land Use Designations (Rural and Watershed Resouces) 
Schedule D: Sand and Gravel Excavation 
Schedule F: Wesbild Lands 
Schedule G
Schedule H

11. Northeast Coquitlam Area Plan

Schedule B: Land Use Designations 
Schedule D: Watercourse Protection Development Permit Areas 
Schedule E: ALR Boundaries and Resource Extraction Areas 
Schedule F: Floodplain Areas 
Map 1: Location Map 
Map 2: Area Creeks and Watersheds 
Map 3: Proposed Village Area 
Map 4: Neighbourhood Areas 
Map 5: Major Roadway Network Concept 
Map 6: Primary Bicycle Network Concept 
Map 7: Primary Pedestrian Network Concept 
Map 9: FREMP Foreshore Area Designation and Management Areas 
Map 10: Major Sanitary Sewer Systems 
Map 11: Major Water Service and Supply Systems
Map 12: Major Storm Service Systems

11.1 Lower Hyde Creek Village Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Land Use Designations 
Schedule B: Parks and Open Space Concept Plan 
Schedule C: Stream Classification 
Figure 1: Roads Concept Plan 
Figure 2: Water Servicing Concept Plan 
Figure 3: Sanitary Sewer Servicing Plan 
Figure 4A: Stormwater Servicing Concept Plan 
Figure 4B: Stormwater Servicing Concept Plan

11.2 Upper Hyde Creek Village Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Land Use Designations 
Schedule B: Park and Open Space Concept Plan 
Schedule C: Stream Classification 
Figure 1: Road Concept Plan 
Figure 2: Water System Concept Plan 
Figure 3: Sanitary Sewer Concept Plan 
Figure 4: Stormwater Servicing Concept Plan

11.3 Smiling Creek Village Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A: Land Use Designations 
Schedule B: Parks and Open Space Concept Plan 
Schedule C: Watercourse Classification 
Schedule D: Road Network Concept Plan 
Schedule E: Bicycle Network Plan 
Schedule F: Pedestrian Network Plan 
Schedule G: Transit Network Plan 
Schedule H: Traffic Control Plan  
Schedule I: Parking Plan 
Schedule J: Water Distribution System Concept Plan 
Schedule K: Sanitary Sewer Servicing Concept Plan 
Schedule L: Stormwater Servicing Plan 

11.4 Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule A - Land Use Designations
Schedule B - Baycrest Area Land Use Designations
Schedule C - Parks, Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Open Space
Schedule D - Watercourse Classifications
Schedule E - Street Network
Schedule F - Greenways and Bicycle Routes
Schedule G – Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre Landuse
Schedule H – Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre Corresponding Zones
Schedule I – Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre Pedestrian, Greenway & Bicycle Network

12. City Centre Area Plan

Schedule A - Land Use Designations  
Schedule C - Hierarchy of Streets
Schedule D - Transportation Network Plan

Part 4 - Urban Design and Development Permit Areas

Urban Design and Development Permit Areas

Schedule A - Development Permit Areas - Southwest Coquitlam
Schedule B - Development Permit Areas - City Centre, Northeast and Northwest Coquitlam

Part 5 - Attachments

Attachment 1 - Table 1: Summary of Municipal Actions in support of the Regional Growth Strategy

Schedule A - Regional Land Use Designations
Schedule B - Urban and Local Centres
Schedule C - Goods Movement Routes

Attachment 2 - Lands Requiring Further Implementation Measures

Municipalities in British Columbia have the authority to adopt an Official Community Plan through Part ​14 of the Local Government Act. Legislation identifies the necessary components of these Plans, and establishes adoption procedures. The Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan has been prepared in compliance with this Provincial legislation. As required in the Local Government Act, this Area Plan addresses residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and utility uses. It also addresses environmental issues and a neighbourhood planning framework.


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