Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan

The Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan sets out a general framework for Council to consider all development proposals in terms of land use and servicing. City Council welcomes and encourages innovative applications that build on Southwest Coquitlam’s natural and built assets. The development of this Area Plan is a culmination of a comprehensive community engagement process and the resulting policies reflect the input of the many stakeholders who participated.

Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan

Schedule A - Land Use Designations 
Schedule B - Evolving Network of Compact, Complete Communities 
Schedule C - Foreshore Area Designations & Management Areas 
Schedule D - Area Plan 
Schedule F - Watershed Boundaries


Southwest Coquitlam Neighbourhood Plans

Austin Heights Neighbourhood Plan

The Austin Heights Neighbourhood Plan is part of the CWOCP and has been guided by high-level City policies which foster the creation of compact, complete communities which will accommodate the City’s growing and changing population.

Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan

The Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan (BLNP) charts a renewed course for the future of Burquitlam-Lougheed and is Council’s ‘blueprint’ for guiding growth and investment in the neighbourhoods near North and Clarke Roads over the next 20 to 25 years. The plan envisions walkable, complete and transit-oriented neighbourhoods that feature a mix of housing types and access to shopping, jobs and amenities.

Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan

Maillardville is Coquitlam's oldest and most historic neighbourhood. The Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan (MNP) is the City's blueprint for growth and reinvestment in Maillardville. The MNP seeks to accommodate additional residents and increased employment opportunities within the Plan area and strengthen long-standing efforts to revitalize he neighbourhood while preserving the neighbourhood's historic character.

Waterfront Village Centre Neighbourhood Plan

The Waterfront Village Centre is envisioned as a neighbourhood where people can live, work, shop and play in a mixed-use, riverfront village setting.

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