Austin ​Service Centre Improvements​

The Austin Service Centre, located at 500 Mariner Way, no longer has the capacity to accommodate the additional equipment, staff and resources needed to service the rapid growth in Coquitlam. In order to increase the capacity of this facility, the City is undertaking an expansion project that will improve the services provided to the community by providing additional parking for service vehicles and storage space for the materials needed to maintain road and park safety.

The work is being undertaken in two phases:

  • Phase 1  (spring 2017) – construction of modular building, some land clearing including a small area of trees
  • Phase 2 (fall 2​017) – expanded storage and City vehicle parking area, additional land clearing including tree removal

Project Map – Austin Service Centre

While tree removal is necessary to allow for the expansion of the facility, the project preserves a forested buffer between the Austin Service Centre and adjacent properties. All work will adhere to environmental best practices and will be completed in fall 2017.

Strategic Initiatives, Capital Construction