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YMCAThe City of Coquitlam, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver and Concert Properties are moving forward with a three-party partnership that will deliver a YMCA and more than double the size of Cottonwood Park in the Burquitlam area of Coquitlam. 

The project includes:

  • construction of a 55,000-plus sq. ft. YMCA family recreation facility on the current Burquitlam Park site
  • over 2.55 acres of additional park space at Cottonwood Park to create a 4.75 acre park
  • development of 2.1 acres on the Burquitlam Park site for a mixed-used development
  • 1.5 acres of public open space at the Burquitlam Park site

The deliverables of this partnership are subject to rezoning approval for the mixed-use development on the Burquitlam Park site.

This innovative  partnership recognizes the need for a community recreation facility in the Burquitlam area. By working in partnership, the City leverages and safeguards its land assets while still delivering a major recreation facility.

The City will be exploring the development of a cluster of community amenities in conjunction with the Coquitlam YMCA, including additional Civic and community space, a new Community Police Station (CPS) and public park-and-ride parking to support the Evergreen Line rapid transit service. 

The target date for completion of the expanded Cottonwood Park is early 2019, and the anticipated opening of the Coquitlam YMCA is early 2021. The intent is to have the park expansion substantially complete before beginning the construction work on the Burquitlam Park site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How was this project established?

  • How much will the new Coquitlam Family YMCA facility cost?

  • What is the overall cost to the City and the financial impact on Coquitlam taxpayers for this project?

  • Could the City end up paying more than projected if there is a cost over-run?

  • Will the City have an ownership stake in the new Coquitlam YMCA facility?

  • What amenities will be located in the new Coquitlam YMCA?

  • What other benefits or amenities will be derived from this project?

  • What fee/membership model will the YMCA use for this new facility?

  • When will the future Coquitlam Family YMCA recreation facility be completed?

  • What is the expected timing for the completion of the new, expanded Cottonwood Park?

  • What will happen to the existing rental housing owned by Concert Properties and located adjacent to the existing Cottonwood Park site?


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Burquitlam YMCA / Cottonwood Expansion Project Team