Building Permits

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Building on My Property

The Building Permits Division is responsible for ensuring that buildings are healthy and safe for people.  We are available to provide education and assistance prior to building or making changes to your property.

Find important information in this section on these topics:

Building Bylaw

The Building Bylaw regulates the construction, alteration, repair, demolition or moving of buildings and pools and the installation, alteration or repair of plumbing, sprinkler and heating and gas systems in the City of Coquitlam.​

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  • Why you need a building permit

  • When is a building permit required?

  • When is a building permit not required?

  • How to get a building permit

  • How to book an inspection

  • Who can apply for a building permit?

Types of Permits and Basic Requirements

The City of Coquitlam has several types of permits including: 

  • Minor Projects - residential
  • Major Projects - commercial/industrial/institutional/multi-family
  • Development Permits - When you are building on any property, check if the property is within a Development Permit Area to determine if your type of construction requires a Development Permit.


What to Know When Building on Your Property

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  • Property Lines & Infrastructure

  • Legal Lot Documents

  • Right of Way

  • Covenant

  • Easement

Other Permits

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  • Plumbing Permit

  • Fire Sprinkler Permit

  • Electrical and Gas Permits

  • Demolition Permit

  • Tree Cutting Permit

  • Soil Conservation Permit

Building Permits Division

Planning and Development Department

3000 Guildford Way
Coquitlam BC V3B 7N2
Phone: 604-927-3441