​Plumbing Permits

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When is a Plumbing Permit Required?

  • Performing any work on a plumbing system in a new or existing building
  • Installing a new or replacing an existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water service located on private property
  • Installing a lawn irrigation system requiring a domestic water backflow device
  • Installing a new or replacement domestic water backflow preventer
  • Installing water and sewer services on private property, e.g. services outside of a building on strata lots

When is a Plumbing Permit NOT Required?

  • The repair of leaks in water pipes
  • The replacement of plumbing fixtures, provided that such replacement fixtures and the installation thereof conform with all the requirements of the Coquitlam Building Bylaw and the B.C. Plumbing Code
  • The removal of stoppages in sewer or water pipes, provided that cleanouts are utilized for such purposes and the removal does not necessitate the cutting of any sewer or drain pipe

Steps to obtaining a Plumbing/Fire Sprinkler Permit


  1. Apply for the Plumbing Permit - Application for Plumbing Permit Application for Sprinkler Permit.
  2. Owners of single-family dwellings intending to do the work themselves must provide one set of owner prepared schematics of the proposed work to satisfy which will be reviewed by a Plumbing Plans Examiner to evaluate the owner’s competency.
  3. If a registered contractor applies, no plans are required.
  4. Pay permit fee; Permit is issued immediately to a contractor; no review required.
  5. Call for inspections at the appropriate stages of the work.


  1. Apply for the Plumbing/Sprinkler Permit - Application for Plumbing Permit & Application for Sprinkler Permit
  2. Registered contractors or the registered professional of record for the plumbing and or sprinkler work must submit three sets of plans of the proposed work.
  3. Pay application fee.
  4. The Plumbing Plans Examiner reviews the plans.
  5. Provide supplemental documentation identified and requested by the Plans Examiner in the course of their review.
  6. Pick up plans after plan review has been satisfactorily completed and pay the permit fee outstanding balance.
  7. Call for inspections at the appropriate stages of the work. 

Building Permits Division

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