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Storm, Sanitary, and Water Services for Home Construction

Home construction or demolition can impact municipal services such as storm, sanitary and water.

During construction of a new house on a vacant lot or demolition of an older house to build a new home,
there will be impacts (either temporary or permanent) on the connections to the municipal services,
which include storm, sanitary and water. There are various scenarios that may occur, depending on the
design of the new home, the age of the services, and the location of the services.

This Storm, Sanitary, and Water Services for Home Construction brochure is intended to provide information and costs related to typical situations related to these services during home demolition and construction. It includes topics: Locating Existing Services, Age and Condition of Existing Services, Temporary Capping of Existing Services, Permanent Capping of Gravity Services, and Contractor Work on City Property.

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