Heritage Revitalization Agreement

Please be aware, beginning July 2, 2019, the City will be recovering mail costs from the applicant for all new applications that require a public notification in the form of letters being mailed.

A Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) is authorized by City Council, through a bylaw, to protect a heritage building or property.

A HRA is intended to address a unique situation that sets out conditions that apply to a specific property and is mutually beneficial between the owner and the City. The terms of the agreement supersede local government zoning regulations and the City may vary land use, density, setbacks and other regulations through the HRA Bylaw. In exchange, the owner agrees to restore, preserve and protect the building and/or property.

Development Application Signs

All Applicants pursuing Development Applications are required to install a development proposal sign on the development site.  For more information please visit Development Application Signs.

Public Information Meetings

From time to time, developers host public information meetings at the request of the Planning & Development Department or on their own initiative. The main purpose of a public information meeting is to provide information about a proposed complex development project to the residents in the area and to obtain feedback so that issues and concerns can be identified and addressed early in the development application  process. When holding public information meetings, the proponents should observe and comply with the following guideline document.

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