Heritage Planning - Coquitlam's Heritage Register

Coquitlam's Heritage Register is a list of properties, buildings and sites with qualities or characteristics that are recognized as significant and contribute to the City's heritage. Placement on the Community Heritage Register requires a thorough evaluation of the property, building or site along with reviews of photographs, historic records and archival research.

Each site has a “Statement Of Significance” prepared, outlining the importance of these heritage resources to Coquitlam.

What are the implications of owning a property, building or site that is on the Community Heritage Register?

A Community Heritage Register does not “designate” or protect properties, buildings or sites. A property, building or site that is on the Heritage Register can only be protected by some other means, such as a designation by-law, heritage revitalization agreement or heritage covenant. If a property, building or site is on the Community Heritage Register, the owner may re-develop the site or make alterations to it, provided the changes are within the limitations of other by-laws and regulation.

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