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Note also that many services are available online to continue to serve the community at this time.

Planning and Development Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Check here for the latest Planning & Development bulletins and service updates and see what other City services are available online to continue to serve the community at this time.​

Building Inspections

Building Inspections assist the homeowner or builder in constructing a building that meets current structural, health, security and fire protection safety standards.

Community Social Development

Social planning focuses on improving well-being and quality of life in a community and involves the assessment of community needs and engaging community cooperation and participation.

Overview | Housing Affordability | Help for People Who Are Homeless | Multiculturalism | Child Care

Current Development & Building Permit Applications

A list of Development Planning and Building Permit applications which are in process.

Development Applications

A Development Planning Application may be required, depending on the location of the property and the type of development. Find out more information about this process.

Overview | Pre-Application | Development Permits | Development Variance Permits | Official Community Plan Amendments | Rezonings & Zonling Bylaw Text Amendments | Sign Permits | Subdivisions | Temporary Use Permits | Heritage Revitalization Agreement

Development Permit Areas

Development Permit Areas are designated for specific areas and purposes. Subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act, all development, except single-unit dwellings, within a defined area are subject to the issuance of a Development Permit.

Overview | Development Permit Areas  | Streetscape Standards and Guidelines

Development Statistics & Demographics

Included here is information on development that is happening in the City of Coquitlam as well as characteristics of the population residing here.

Overview | Census & National Household Survey Data | Development Statistics Series | Development Statistics - Monthly Updates | Employment Sector Profiles

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges are the costs associated with developing land, including but not limited to Development Cost Charges, purchasing City plan documents, licences and permits.

Green Development Guide

Green Development practices are solutions to environmental challenges. This guide provides an explanation of green development topics, and highlights green development practices which can be applicable to development conditions within Coquitlam.

Heritage Planning

Coquitlam enjoys a rich heritage, evident in many features throughout the City. The notion of heritage extends beyond individual buildings, affecting overall streetscapes and neighbourhoods.

Overview | Heritage Planning | Heritage Redevelopment | Riverview

Housing Choices Program

The City of Coquitlam’s Housing Choices Program was adopted in 2011, with the goal of providing new small-scale, ground-oriented housing options in some residential areas of Southwest Coquitlam.

How Development Happens

Coquitlam is fast-growing City in a rapidly developing and changing region. It’s important to manage growth in a way so new development is livable, attractive and contributes positively to the community – while making sure that infrastructure and amenities, like parks, are provided to keep pace with growth. 

Secondary Suites

Like all housing, secondary suites must be regulated. The city adopted a Secondary Suite program in 1999 and it is designed to balance the needs of the homeowner with the health and safety requirements that apply to all housing.