Steep Slopes Development Review

The City of Coquitlam places a high value on community safety as well as creating attractive and liveable neighbourhoods. To that end, we are continually evaluating our policies and regulations to ensure we continue to embrace current best practices to achieve these objectives.

Like many communities in Metro Vancouver, development on hillsides has been happening in Coquitlam for many decades. Current policies and regulations are similar to other municipalities and, in some cases, stronger than other municipalities in terms of ensuring structural integrity of retaining walls.

However, Coquitlam’s previous policies and guidelines for retaining wall regulation did not adequately address the liveability, aesthetics and overall height considerations of these walls and resulted in walls, in some cases, as high as 10 metres in some of the new Burke Mountain neighbourhoods.

A multi-disciplinary team of City staff have reviewed steep slope development practices and worked with developers in the area to examine ways to improve the aesthetics and liveabiltiy of new communities. 

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