Help for People Who Are Homeless

Emergency Shelter

24/7, Year-round Emergency Shelter

3030 Gordon Ave - 30 units

Emergency shelter for men and women who are homeless in the Tri-Cities is available at 3030 Gordon Ave., Coquitlam. The facility, operated by RainCity Housing, includes 30 emergency shelter beds and 30 transitional housing units. Pets are welcome and three meals a day are provided. The building is staffed 24 hours a day, every day and the front desk can be contacted 24/7 at 604-474-0435. If no one is able to answer when you call, please leave a message. Individuals needing shelter can show up in person any time.

For more information, please contact:​

RainCity Housing and Support Society
P: 604-662-7023 or 604-474-0435

Seasonal (Cold Wet Weather) Shelter

Church shelters30 mats

Overnight shelter for men and women will be provided by the Hope for Freedom Society at local churches in the Tri-Cities during the 2018-2019 winter season (October-April). People in need of shelter will be transported from designated pick-up points by van to the church shelter location. Hope for Freedom Society outreach workers will let people in need know where these pick up points are.

For more information, please contact:

Hope for Freedom Society
P: 604-830-1528 or 778-862-0692


Extreme Weather Shelter

Extreme Weather Response20 mats

Between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, Trinity United Church (2211 Prairie Ave., Port Coquitlam) will provide 20 mats of overnight shelter during Extreme Weather Alerts (the worst winter nights of the year).

An “Extreme Weather Alert” is called by the Tri-Cities Extreme Weather Response Coordinator. Local service agencies, police forces and bylaw officers are notified the additional shelter spaces are available.

The Extreme Weather beds are available for occupancy starting at 10 p.m. for any day the Extreme Weather Alert has been declared. To gain access after 11 p.m. people must be accompanied by a Police Officer. The shelter closes each day and people must vacate the property by 7 a.m.

Transitional Housing

Thirty self-contained suites of transitional housing at 3030 Gordon Ave. provide longer term accommodation (typically up to 2 years) for previously homeless persons preparing for independent living.  Supports are provided as necessary. To apply for a transitional housing suite, please contact BC Housing’s Orange Hall Office at 604-648-4270 or

For more information, please contact:

BC Housing
P: 1-866-465-6873 or 604-433-1711

Tri-Cities Street Survival Guide

This guide provides a variety of listings of available services to those who are in need such as: income and employment assistance office locations, shelter, community policing offices, meals, food banks, clothing, laundry and shower services, and medical and/or addictions help.

Outreach Services

The Hope for Freedom Society operates a program of outreach to persons homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Tri-Cities under contract to BC Housing. Two outreach workers seek out homeless persons where they live, establishing contact, developing rapport and connecting them with available resources and services when they are ready.

For more information, please contact:

Hope for Freedom Society 
P: 604-830-1528 or 778-862-0692


Tri-Cities Homelessness & Housing Task Group is a community committee working to end homelessness in the Tri-Cities. The website lists resources in the Tri-Cities and provides information about what homelessness looks like in our communities and what you can do to help.

BC Housing is the provincial agency responsible for developing, managing and administering a wide range of subsidized housing options across the province.