Burke Mountain Updates

The City of Coquitlam recognizes that Burke Mountain residents, and the community-at-large, have a strong interest in the many different projects and initiatives underway and planned for northeast Coquitlam. This includes:

Some of these projects, such as the Northwest Burke Vision and major road construction are the responsibility of the City of Coquitlam. Other initiatives, such as school planning and transit service are led by other agencies such as the Province of BC, School District 43 or TransLink.

This page is provided as a central resource for these various projects and initiatives. Where the City is not the lead agency, we have linked to the relevant website for further information.

Burke Mountain Townhouse Development Sites

New Burke MapBurke Mountain Information Map

As the Burke Mountain community continues to grow and change it has become apparent that maps of the area can quickly become outdated. In order to provide more current information to the community, and to builders in the area, the City has compiled some forward looking mapping to illustrate what we understand to be the latest plans for schools, parks and roads in the area. As the map is forward looking in nature, there will undoubtedly be future amendments required, particularly to the future road network in undeveloped areas. As new information becomes available the map will be updated, so please check back regularly for the latest version. This will hopefully lead to greater clarity and less confusion regarding plans for future schools, parks, shopping and the planned community centre in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre moving forward.

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  • Burke Mountain Pioneer Park - Completed

  • Harper Park Expansion

  • Leigh Park - Completed

  • Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre

  • Princeton Park – Completed

  • Riley Park

  • Road & Utility Improvement Projects

  • Smiling Creek Elementary School & Sports Field - Completed

  • Smiling Creek Housing Updates

  • Tree Risk Assessment Work

  • Victoria Park - Completed


Those interested in neighbourhood updates and the ongoing development of northeast Coquitlam are invited to sign up for Burke Mountain Email Updates or follow the City’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter for news and information.