Third-Party Electronic Billboard Signs

Third-party signs are those that advertise businesses, services, or items that are not sold or offered on the same property. Both third-party signs and electronic billboard signs are currently prohibited under the City’s Sign Bylaw.

Current Status

On February 4, 2019, Council granted three readings to a bylaw that would allow third-party electronic billboard signs in the City of Coquitlam. Staff are now developing proposed Development Permit design guidelines for electronic billboard signs to be incorporated into the City’s Official Community Plan, as well as a policy for applicants who are proposing voluntary community benefits for electronic billboard signs on private property.

Proposed Development Permit Design Guidelines

Staff are currently working on proposed Development Permit design guidelines for third-party electronic billboard signs, and the following are the categories / types of guidelines that are being considered:

  • Design and Materials – to ensure the signs are attractive and weather resistant
  • Siting – to avoid any impacts to sightlines for motorists
  • Orientation – to focus exposure towards the road and away from residential areas
  • Display – to limit brightness, and ensure the picture adjusts to weather conditions and time of day
  • Energy conservation – to ensure signs include energy-efficient displays

Voluntary Community Benefits Policy

While the City can require community benefits as part of lease agreements for signs on City property, the City does not have the same authority with signs located on private property. Staff are currently developing a policy that will outline community benefits that could be offered as part of an application for a new electronic billboard sign on private property.

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