Third-Party Electronic Billboards

The City of Coquitlam is exploring whether to allow third-party electronic billboards in certain areas of the community.

Third-party signs are those that advertise businesses, services, or items that are not sold or offered on the same property. Both third-party signs and billboards are currently prohibited under the City’s Sign Bylaw.

Current Status

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback via the online survey in Sept. 2018. At this time, Council has directed the item back to staff for more research and follow-up. The item will be brought back to Council for further consideration in 2019.

Billboard history

Electronic billboards have previously been discussed in Coquitlam – most recently in 2013. To date, they have never been allowed under the City’s Sign Bylaw.

However, the City has again received requests to amend the bylaw. Additionally, other municipalities including Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, Abbotsford and New Westminster have allowed this type of signage in recent years.

These considerations, along with the potential for financial revenue to the City and advertising opportunities for both the City and community groups, have renewed discussion on the topic.

However, there are still a number of details to be considered, including:

  • The locations in Coquitlam where the signs would be appropriate;
  • The maximum permitted size and height of the signs;
  • The appropriate design standards; 
  • Whether the signs should be permitted on private land, public (City) land, or both; 
  • The sign permitting process; and
  • The financial and other community benefits that the outdoor advertising companies may be offering in connection with their sign proposals.

Important Documents

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