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HCRp2Project Overview

The City of Coquitlam’s Housing Choices Program was adopted in 2011, with the goal of providing new small-scale, ground-oriented housing options for varying household types and income levels in some residential areas of Southwest Coquitlam.

The City is currently conducting a review of the Housing Choices Program to identify opportunities to increase the number of Housing Choices projects being built, streamline regulations and application processing, and ensure that the resulting development projects continue to fit in with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Project Background

Previous Approach

On July 17, 2017 Council endorsed a scope and process (July 17, 2017 Report to Council) for a 3-phase Housing Choices Review process, to begin in mid-2017 and anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019. The first phase included background research and an investigation of the possible expansion of ‘backyard suites’ across RS-1 and RS-3 “One-Family Residential” zones in Southwest Coquitlam.  The second phase involved refining and expanding the Housing Choices Program, and the final phase consisted of a broader review of housing options across Southwest Coquitlam (including a Corridor Development Strategy for arterial streets).

On January 15, 2018 Council endorsed an expanded work program for Phase 2 that included a review of potential options to manage the size of new single-family homes in Southwest Coquitlam and the development of advocacy positions to senior levels of government on housing issues (January 15, 2018 Report to Council).

Current Approach

Based on feedback received around the proposed expansion of ‘backyard suites’ in single-family zones at the end of Phase 1, the overall approach to the Housing Choices Review was reconsidered and on April 16, 2018 Council endorsed a revised scope, process and consultation strategy for the Housing Choices Review (April 16, 2018 Report to Council). The remainder of the Housing Choices Review (through Phase 2 work) will focus on improving the Housing Choices Program in existing Housing Choices areas, and the former Phase 3 will be developed into a new, separate future project following the completion of the Housing Choices Review at the end of Phase 2.

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Public Consultation Approach

Phase 2 of the Housing Choices Review will involve consultation with landowners, the general public, and key stakeholders through online public surveys, public and stakeholder information sessions, and “pop-up kiosks” at popular community events in Southwest Coquitlam. Notification through mailouts to Housing Choices property owners as well as print and online ads and website updates will also occur.

Visit the Housing Choices Program page for more information on the City’s existing Housing Choices Program.​

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