Interface Wildfire Mitigation Strategies

Project Update:   Interface wildfire mitigation policies have been included in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan. The plan was adopted by Council on Monday July 8, 2013.  Interface wildfire mitigation design policies are also included in Part 4 - Urban Design and Development Permit Areas of the Citywide Official Community Plan.

Project Overview: The interface wildfire strategies were developed to help reduce the risk of property damage if interface wildfires occur in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan area.  Interface wildfires occur at the interface between urban and forested areas, and some have destroyed homes and required evacuations.

Coquitlam's risk of wildfires is moderate, and if a wildfire occurs in interface areas of new neighbourhoods, such as Partington Creek, this could result in property damage.  Therefore, it is important to plan future Coquitlam neighbourhoods that border forested areas to be 'FireSmart'.  However, due to a wetter climate and lower wildfire frequency than areas such as the Okanagan, a strategic 'made in Coquitlam' approach is necessary to manage this risk in a reasonable and practical manner.

Interface Wildfire Strategy

The Interface Wildfire Strategies are based on Provincial FireSmart guidelines used in other communities, to design neighbourhoods, manage vegetation and use specific building materials to help reduce the risk of property damage from interface wildfires.

  • Strategy A - Enhanced Communication Plan:  Inform residents and developers of risks and FireSmart responses;
  • Strategy B - FireSmart Design Guidelines: Create natural fire breaks and provide emergency access;
  • Strategy C - FireSmart Building Materials: Consider non-combustible roofing and exterior cladding;
  • Strategy D - Vegetation (Fuel) Management: Reduce wildfire risks by selectively removing trees and shrubbery.

Public Consultation

A Public Open House was held on November 17th, 2012.  The Open House display panels can be viewed below.

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