Special Plans & Projects

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Plans in Progress

An Area Plan is a high-level, general framework to guide future land use and servicing for a large area of the City. Area Plans also establish a framework to develop and support individual Neighbourhood Plans nestled within the Area Plan.

Cannabis Legalization Framework

In anticipation of the federal legislation related to non-medical cannabis, the City of Coquitlam will be developing a “Cannabis Legalization Framework”, identified as a priority on the 2018 Business Plan.

City Centre Area Plan Update

The City of Coquitlam is updating the existing 2008 City Centre Area Plan (CCAP) to look at creating higher densities, mixed use, and pedestrian-friendly development along the Evergreen Line stations in City Centre.

Commercial Zones Review

Coquitlam is reviewing its commercial zones to make regulations more flexible for the business community and to respond to the changing needs of commercial businesses. 

Heritage Management Strategy

The City of Coquitlam is developing an overarching and comprehensive framework to guide the assessment and preservation of heritage resources, both built and natural. The Strategy will help to refine the vision for heritage conservation in the City and identify the tools available to realize that vision.

Oakdale Land Use Designation Update

The proposed Oakdale Land Use Designation Update will help guide development in the Oakdale neighbourhood for the next 25 years. 

Southwest Housing Review

The comprehensive multi-year planning effort aims to support the provision of more affordable housing options in Southwest Coquitlam.

Recently Completed Plans

Austin Heights Neighbourhood Centre Density ​​& Height Review (Completed 2017)

Proposed changes to the Austin Heights Neighbourhood Centre policies will help provide improved clarity around building heights in the Neighbourhood Centre.

Burke Mountain Updates

The City of Coquitlam recognizes that Burke Mountain residents, and the community-at-large, have a strong interest in the many different projects and initiatives underway and planned for northeast Coquitlam.

Housing Affordability Strategy (Completed 2015)

The City is currently working to implement the ten short-term, high-priority actions from the Housing Affordability Strategy. 

Northwest Burke Vision (Completed 2017)

The NBV will provide a high-level land use and servicing concept, and a phasing plan that will guide future planning and development over the long term for the last Burke Mountain growth area.

Burke Mountain Updates

Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan (Completed 2013)

The Neighbourhood Plan for Partington Creek outlines a vision for The Heart of Burke Mountain!

Transit-Oriented Development Strategy (Completed 2012)

The Transit-Oriented Development Strategy (TDS) helps capitalize on opportunities related to the Evergreen Line and address any potential impacts. The TDS helps the City, businesses, residents and the development industry plan for the future.