Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre

The Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre (PCNC) will be the commercial and social hub of Burke Mountain in Northeast Coquitlam. This 15.8-hectare (39-acre) site is located east of Burke Mountain Creek and south of the proposed extension of David Avenue. Site map

The City of Coquitlam is the primary land owner and developer of the PCNC, expected to house up to 2,000 apartments and townhouses, up to 11,150 square metres (120,000 square feet) of commercial space, a major recreation complex with community centre, public plaza, “green spine” (park corridor), integrated multi-use trail network, and 14,000-square-metre (3.6-acre) park.

New Burke MapBurke Mountain Information Map

As the Burke Mountain community continues to grow and change it has become apparent that maps of the area can quickly become outdated. In order to provide more current information to the community, and to builders in the area, the City has compiled some forward looking mapping to illustrate what we understand to be the latest plans for schools, parks and roads in the area. As the map is forward looking in nature, there will undoubtedly be future amendments required, particularly to the future road network in undeveloped areas. As new information becomes available the map will be updated, so please check back regularly for the latest version. This will hopefully lead to greater clarity and less confusion regarding plans for future schools, parks, shopping and the planned community centre in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre moving forward.

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To get a feel for the vision for the PCNC view the video below:

Next steps (2018-19):

Good planning takes time, and the City will now take the steps necessary to implement the PCNC Master Plan including: 

  • Development Phasing Strategy – To determine how and when parcels within the PCNC will be released for sale. This is essential to ensuring the right mix of commercial uses that both serves the daily needs of the residents and also allows the businesses to thrive.
  • Detailed design of public spaces – Critical to establishing a strong neighbourhood identity that will provide functional and well-designed public spaces.

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