The Riverview Lands

Renewing Riverview: BC Housing’s Visioning Process

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The Riverview Lands in Our Community

The Riverview Lands are a 244-acre site located within the City of Coquitlam. For almost 100 years the Riverview Lands were home to Riverview Hospital, a place of healing, caring, and tranquility for many of BC's residents who suffer from mental illness. 

The Riverview Hospital lands are valued by the City of Coquitlam and the community as a primary mental health care facility, a heritage site, a treasured botanical garden, arboretum and sanctuary, and as an opportunity for economic development.

The Riverview lands are currently undergoing a number of changes. Although the site is located within Coquitlam the Provincial Government owns the land and is advancing planning for the redevelopment of the site. Some of these changes, such as the replacement of the Valleyview facility are occurring under the current land use and zoning.

Much of the site will be subject to redevelopment led by the Province. BC Housing is the lead agency for the redevelopment and has indicated that they are proceeding with a Master Plan for Riverview.

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