Future of Riverview

Renewing Riverview: BC Housing’s Visioning Process

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The City of Coquitlam has a long history in advocating for the Riverview lands. Planning for the future of Riverview is a priority for the City of Coquitlam, residents, the Province and key stakeholders who share an interest in the future of these lands.

While its role as a home to Riverview Hospital is over, Coquitlam’s Council is committed to ensuring the lands history as a place of care and healing continues. Previous advocacy efforts include: 

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  • Into the Future: The Coquitlam Health Campus

  • Coquitlam Health Campus: An Overview

  • For the Future of Riverview

  • Riverview Artifacts Collection

  • Riverview Lands Added to Canada’s Register of Historic Places

For more information, please contact:
Planning & Development Department
Email: planninganddevelopment@coquitlam.ca
Phone: 604-927-3430