Liquor Licensing Policies & Regulations Review 

The City of Coquitlam is undertaking a comprehensive review of its current liquor licensing policies and regulations, including zoning. This review is in response to the many recent changes to Provincial liquor policies and regulations, as well as enquires from liquor manufacturers wishing to locate in Coquitlam. The City has also heard from a number of associations representing various segments of the liquor industry expressing their views on how the City should respond to the changes in Provincial liquor policies and regulations.

City staff reported to Coquitlam Council on the topic at its July 20, 2015 meeting. The report summarized relevant Provincial liquor policies and regulations, compared them to Coquitlam's current liquor policies and regulations, and presented options for how the City might respond. Council directed staff to undertake a public consultation program on the options and report back to Council on the input received.

It should be noted that one additional relevant change has been made to Provincial liquor policies since the staff report was prepared. That change allows liquor manufacturers with lounge endorsements to sell liquor for on-site consumption that is not produced on-site, up to a maximum of 20% of the value of liquor purchases for the lounge. For example, a brewery with a lounge endorsement can now sell wine and hard liquor to its patrons for on-site consumption if it so wishes, but not for take away sales.

The City welcomes your written input on the options contained in the report. The City is also interested in any other options that you believe should be considered that are not covered in the report, as well as any general comments on the topic of the City's liquor policies and regulations (keeping in mind that a number of City policies must function within the confines of Provincial requirements that are beyond municipal control such as the number of ​licences available and minimum separation distance requirements between licensed establishments).

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. Staff will be reviewing the input received and will be reporting back to Council on the results of the public consultation before the end of the year.

If you have any questions on this initiative, please contact Chris Jarvie of Planning & Development Services at 604-927-3438 or