Fire Policies & Permits

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Fire Watch Policy

“Fire Watch” is a term used for: the assignment of a person or persons to an area for the purpose of notifying the fire department, the building occupants, or both of an emergency; preventing a fire from occurring; extinguishing small fires; or protecting the public from fire or life safety dangers.

A Fire Watch may be ordered when:

  • there is a loss or reduction of fire protection, water supply, or emergency power in a building;
  • a fire alarm system continues to cause nuisance alarms;
  • there is a loss or reduction of requires means of egress from a building;
  • there is a loss or reduction of required fire lanes or emergency access routes;
  • a hot works operation is being conducted;
  • activities for which the floor area is not specifically designed or protected from, or where the level of intended protection is reduced;
  • a condition exists which reduces the level of protection to the building or life safety of the occupants of the building.

Fire Prevention Division
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