Fire Prevention


The Coquitlam Fire/Rescue Department conducts inspections of all buildings other than private residences.

Fire Safety Education

In an attempt to promote awareness and reduce the number of preventable fires, injuries and property damage, Coquitlam Fire/Rescue provides fire safety education programs.

Fire Investigation

The Coquitlam Fire/Rescue fire investigators possess specialized training in the science of fire and take an impartial lead role in determining the cause and origin of fires.

Plans Examination

Fire Prevention Officers examine building plans, perform construction site inspections and provide occupancy approvals.

Fire Safety Plans

The most common buildings requiring fire safety plans are ones that contain fire alarm systems, a high number of occupants or care & detention occupancies.

Fees & Charges

Here you will find the fees and charges for services provided in the Fire Prevention & Life Safety Bylaw.

Wildland/Urban Interface Areas

Coquitlam has many areas where the wilderness and urban development meet. This means that structures and vegetation are sufficiently close together that a wildfire may spread between trees or vegetation and structures easily.

Fireworks Safety

As part of the Fire Prevention and Life Safety Bylaw, it is illegal to buy or sell fireworks in Coquitlam.

Open Air Burning

Coquitlam does not permit outdoor burning. This includes burning of grass clippings, branches or other waste, as well as the use of many outdoor appliances.

Vacant Buildings

Unoccupied buildings, including those slated for demolition, require security measures to increase fire safety for the members of our community and city staff.