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Summer Fire Safety

During the summer season's drier and warmer temperatures, residents need to take steps that can both reduce and limit the risk of fire. This includes adhering to City bylaws that ban open air burning, littering cigarette butts and smoking in parks. Protect yourself, your family and our community this summer by following these simple tips.

  • Do not smoke in parks. Not only is smoking – including e-cigarettes – banned in City parks, but the fine – normally $150 – increases to $500 during summer due to heightened fire risk.
  • Do not litter cigarette butts. Doing so can result in a $150 fine.
  • Do not have any open fires or conduct outdoor burning.
  • Relocate combustible debris or firewood at least 10 metres away from your home.
  • Be aware when mowing your lawn that if the blade comes into contact with a rock, it can cause a spark that may ignite a fire.
  • Ensure your vehicle's exhaust does not emit onto a dry lawn.
  • Reduce the amount of fuel present around your homes; prune your shrubs, remove dead and dry vegetation and tree limbs 2-3 metres from the ground.
  • Break up continuous vegetation and space so there is no continuous canopy or line of vegetation leading to your home.
  • Keep the roof and gutters clear of dead needles; prune branches that hang over the roof.

Residents should take precautions against accidental fires and be alert to signs of fire. Report any signs of smoke or fire by calling 9-1-1 immediately.

Fire Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Knowing the top causes of fires is a good way to start learning how to prevent fires.  Cooking is the #1 cause of fires in the home.  Heating, electrical, smoking and candles are also among the top five causes.  To reduce these types of fires, follow these simple steps:

COOKING - Help prevent cooking fires by staying in the kitchen while using the stove.  Never leave your cooking, including the barbecue unattended!  Keep anything that can catch fire - oven mitts, wooden utensils, towels - away from your stovetop.  And NEVER put water on a grease/oil fire!

HEATING - Ensure that heaters are plugged directly in to the wall and that they are kept 3ft/1m away from anything that can burn.  Turn heaters off when you leave the room.

ELECTRICAL - Do not overload electrical outlets, ensure cords are in good condition without cracks or repairs, and do not put cords under carpets.  Extension cords and power bars should be used as a temporary measure only.

SMOKING - Smoking should be done outside only, and cigarettes shall be extinguished using a designated ashtray or water.  Never try to extinguish cigarettes in garden soil or plant pots.

CANDLES - Choose flameless candles.  If you must use candles, keep them on a flat, non-combustible surface, away from anything that can burn, and never leave them unattended.

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