Get Informed - Auto Crime

Auto crime includes thefts from vehicles (i.e., break-ins) as well as thefts of vehicles. Not only is vehicle theft frustrating and costly for victims it’s also difficult for police to investigate and holds a negligible risk of prosecution or conviction for the criminals even if they are caught. The good news is that any smart owner can protect themselves against vehicle theft if they want to.

Three simple dos & 3 simple don’ts to help you protect yourself & your community

Do …

  • Close your windows and lock your doors every time you leave your vehicle. This sounds basic, but you would be amazed at how many vehicle theft reports show that the owner left a window open or a door unlocked. Usually it’s “just for a minute,”but that’s more time than most criminals need.
  • Invest in a reliable anti-theft device and use it. Almost all new cars come with anti-theft devices as standard equipment. But older vehicles require that you take care of it yourself. And you should. Research shows that anti-theft devices work.
  • Park your vehicle in well-lit, high-traffic areas whenever possible. Most vehicle thefts are opportunistic as opposed to targeted crimes. So, by making sure your vehicle is in an area where there are lots of people around you are limiting thieves’ opportunity to break into or drive off in your vehicle.

Don’t …

  • Leave valuables in your vehicle. Even if you think you’ve secured your belongings, thieves know to check the trunk and the glove box first. A good rule of thumb is, if you leave it, thieves won’t.
  • Leave your vehicle unlocked or running when you are not in it. Thefts of running vehicles spike in the winter and the summer — when owners are heating or cooling the vehicle before driving. But you can rest assured that any time a thief sees a running car with no one behind the wheel, they see an opportunity too good to pass up.
  • Let your friends and loved ones become victims. Speak up when you see someone you know creating a golden opportunity for a criminal.