Get Informed - Graffiti


Graffiti vandalism is the unauthorized “tagging” of public or private property by etching, drawing, scratching or painting words or symbols - it is a crime, as well as a violation of the City's Unsightly Premises Bylaw No. 3213,1998:

  • 6. Graffiti
    • 6 1 No owner or occupier of real property will allow graffiti to remain on walls, fences or elsewhere adjacent to any public andlor privately owned or held place

    • 6.2 For purpose of this Bylaw, the word "graffiti" means an inscription, drawing, writing, pictorial representation, message, slogan, symbol or mark, made on a wall, fence, structure, or other surface by means of paint, chalk, ink or other substance, or by chisel, hammer, stone or other device, but does not include any of the following:
      • a sign, public notice or traffic control mark authorized by the City,
      • a signed authorized pursuant to any bylaw of the City,
      • a public notice authorized by federal or provincial legislation or City bylaw
    • 6 3 No person will do any act that results in graffiti appearing on any public or privately owned or held place.

If graffiti is left alone, it can accumulate quickly and a neighbourhood can start to look and feel like a place where disorderly conduct is okay. Prevention and eradication are inexpensive and highly effective ways to make sure graffiti vandalism doesn’t take over your neighbourhood.  

Help Eliminate Graffiti

If you live or work in an area that has had graffiti problems, consider including graffiti resistant paints and products in your next maintenance project to make it harder for taggers to vandalize your property. Contact your local Community Police Station to find out how applying Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles can help protect your home or business from graffiti and other property crime. 

If You See Something, Say Something

If you see a tagger in action, contact:
Coquitlam RCMP non-emergency reporting line
P: 604-945-1550 

If you notice new graffiti in your neighbourhood, 
City Bylaw Department