Get Informed - Home Security

Your home is more than just the building you live in. Whether you rent or own, your home represents family, friends, your personal history and your community. That’s what makes crimes that target the home like vandalism, break and enter, and theft, emotionally devastating in addition to being costly and inconvenient to recover from. 

Do …

  • ​Contact your local Community Police Station to find out how applying Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles can help protect your home or business from graffiti and other property crime.
  • Consider joining or starting a Block Watch group in your neighbourhood.
  • Complete thorough reference checks, including the Better Business Bureau, if you are planning a renovation or considering hiring a dog-walker, pet-sitter, house-keeper or any other contractor that will have access to your home.

Don’t …

  • Hide spare keys on your property. If you need to have a set of spare keys available, leave them with someone you trust.
  • Let your home look occupied, even if it is unoccupied. When you’re out of town, arrange to have mail picked up and yard maintenance taken care of ,as well as consider putting lights on a timer so your home doesn't look unoccupied.
  • Make your home an easy target for criminals. Always close and lock doors and windows. Don't leave your garage door opener in a vehicle parked on the street. remember to lock up ladders or tools that could help a criminal get into your or someone else's home.