How to Use the Inspections Scheduling System 

Enter your Permit Number. You will see the View Inspections Screen and a list of Inspections, Status, Date, and Action column:

  • The Status column indicates whether the Permit file is Open, Closed, or Scheduled.
  • The Scheduled Date indicates the date of the scheduled inspection. 


Selecting Details in the Action column will provide the following information about your Inspection and Inspection results:

  • Attempt Comments/Notes: Inspectors may provide comments or notes regarding current Inspection or observations related to the Permit.
  • Attempt Date: The last date an Inspection was attempted or Not Yet Completed if no previous inspection.
  • Attempt Result: The last Inspection attempt result if this is the first attempt for the inspection requested, i.e.:
    • Cancel
    • No Entry
    • Open
    • Postponed
    • Proceed
    • Recall
  • Inspector: The Inspector assigned by the system to the inspection (blank if no previous inspection).
  • Latest Attempt: provides information related to the last inspection attempt or current inspection attempt if one is scheduled.
  • Scheduled Date: indicates the date of the scheduled inspection.
  • Status: Indicates if the inspection is Open, Scheduled, or Closed.

Additional Options & Instructions

If an inspection is currently scheduled, the Action column in addition to the Details will also provide options to Cancel or Reschedule the Inspection.

  1. Cancel an Inspection
  2. Reschedule an Inspection
  3. Schedule an Inspection
  • Enter your Permit Number. You will see the View Inspections screen and the Actions column.
  • Select Cancel in the Actions column.
  • In the Cancel screen, select Confirm Cancellation.
  • Print or copy your Confirmation Number from the next screen.
  • Select Return to Inspections to schedule an inspection or Logout if you are finished with inspections for this permit number or want to Log On enter a different permit number to schedule an inspection.

After cancelling an inspection, and before you log out of the Inspections system, please double-check the View Inspections page to review the inspection Status column to confirm if other separately scheduled inspections for your permit number that are booked for the same day must also be cancelled.