Zoning Bylaw

When building on your property, you must take into consideration zoning regulations. Zoning regulations are outlined in the City’s Zoning Bylaw. They are a set of rules that specify how a property may be developed and used. All land in the City is assigned a zone.

  • The Zoning Summary (PDF) provides general information about the intent of Coquitlam’s zones. 
  • QtheMap is an interactive web-based tool that allows you to look up zoning, development permit areas and subdivision activity, property information, designated land use and much more. 
  • View the QtheMap page to find zoning for your property. 
  • This consolidated copy of the Zoning Bylaw (Zoning Bylaw 3000, 1996 and amending Bylaws) is for convenience only and is not an official copy. This copy was updated as of February 26, 2024.
  • Schedule A - Zoning Maps, is a consolidated copy (Zoning Bylaw 3000, 1996 and amending Bylaws). This copy was updated May 2016. Zoning can also be viewed through Q the Map. See "How to Find a Zoning on a Property" on the Rezonings page.
  1. City of Coquitlam Zoning Bylaw
  2. Schedules