About QNet

QNet, formally known as the Coquitlam Optical Network, is the City of Coquitlam’s wholly owned fibre optic network. Launched in 2008, QNet became Canada’s first open access municipal fibre optic leasing utility. 

We lease our state-of-the-art fibre optic cables to private telecom companies at affordable rates. Those companies then deliver high-bandwidth services to their customers – that’s you – while passing on the savings. 

These services may include ultra-high-speed home and business internet, phone, TV/video and cellular. Business located in Coquitlam can also lease fibre from QNet to gain access to a broader range of competitive telecom service offerings.

Who’s QNet for? 

Today, our network extends nearly 90 km throughout the community, connecting businesses, schools, government buildings, shopping centres, industrial buildings and residential high-rises. If your building is connected, you can lease fibre or receive high-speed services from QNet’s telecom clients. 

If your building isn’t yet connected, contact us! We’ll get you up and running – at no cost to you. For details, visit our Get Connected page. 

QNet is only provided to multi-unit residential developments.

How It All Began 

Coquitlam began running ducting throughout the City in the 1980s for its traffic signal system, later taking advantage of this underground network to install carrier-grade fibre optic cabling to support traffic cameras and telecommunications services in City facilities. 

With the launch of QNet, the City took a leading position to lease its unused fibre for additional revenue, and to promote economic development. This attracts new businesses to the city, while connecting tens of thousands of homes and businesses with the fastest technology available. 

QNet’s innovative business model has since been replicated by other municipalities throughout Canada. Our network continues to grow as demand for this technology builds momentum. 

Why QNet? 

The City is proud of the advantages QNet offers to businesses, developers and our residents.  

  • Greater access to reliable, high-speed internet services
  • Improved choice and rates for businesses and residential high-rises
  • Competitive opportunities for telecom service providers 
  • Expanded scope for telecommuting and local job creation
  • Better access to global markets 

QNet also runs a state-of-the-art Data Centre in a purpose-built facility, where businesses can lease long-term storage space for their technology equipment.