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Mariner Park


Mariner Park Amenities Map (PDF)


  1. Alcohol Permitted
  2. Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  3. Pickleball
  4. Playground
  5. Sports Library
  6. Tennis Court
  7. Trails

Mariner Park offers a forested area, trails, a playground and two tennis courts. In addition to standard tennis, the Mariner courts have been lined for pickleball - a paddle sport for two or four players that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis.

Mariner Park Tennis Court Replacement Project

Improvements to the Mariner Park tennis courts took place over the summer and fall of 2023. The work will included removal of the existing courts, followed by the installation of upgraded drainage, new tennis/pickleball courts and chain link fencing. 

Due to dropping temperatures and weather restrictions, final colour coating with court lines will be completed in the spring. 

Tennis Courts

  • Two Courts
  • No Lighting


Mariner Park Tennis Courts - Three courts