Hazel-Coy Neighbourhood Plan

On Dec. 14, 2020, Council approved a scope and process for the Hazel-Coy Neighbourhood (PDF) planning project. Planning will begin in early 2021 for the future Hazel-Coy neighbourhood on Burke Mountain, and will be completed in late 2022.

The Hazel-Coy neighbourhood plan will build on the Northwest Burke Vision (NBV), adopted in 2017 to guide growth in the 400-hectare (980-acre) area over the next three decades. 

The extensive consultation and planning process will create a comprehensive neighbourhood plan for Hazel-Coy, that will include policies on what may be built, what infrastructure is needed, and design strategies. Visit the engagement project page for details.

About the Neighbourhood

  • About 70 hectares (175 acres) in size, of which about 40 hectares (100 acres) is suitable for development.
  • Bounded by Hyde Creek to the south and east, the sloped Coquitlam River escarpment to the west, and the Provincial Park to the north.
  • NBV concept calls for up to 950 single detached and townhouses, a small neighbourhood hub, a school and connections to natural areas, trails, playgrounds and parks.
  • Anticipated future population: 2,750 people.
  1. About the Neighbourhood Plan
  2. Public Engagement
  3. Plan Development 
  4. Background Documents

The neighbourhood plan will: 

  • Set out policies that define what may be built and where. 
  • Determine the new infrastructure required to service the area, including a proposed extension of Oxford Street, upgraded Hyde Creek crossing and a water reservoir for the higher elevations.   
  • Recognize Hazel-Coy’s natural amenities and history while maximizing its views, minimizing retaining walls and finding ways to work around its steep topography.