Guildford Way Greenway Micromobility Project

The project extends along Guildford Way from the Port Moody border to Pinetree Way. It will provide an upgrade to the existing painted bicycle lane by providing users protection from vehicles through physically-separated micromobility (cycling) lanes. 

The project will be completed in two phases: 

  • Phase 1: The first phase of the project from the Port Moody border to Johnson Street was completed in 2023. 
  • Phase 2 - Spring/Summer 2024 Construction: Work in phase two will take place from Johnson Street to Pinetree Way and will provide connections to existing multi-use pathways along Pinetree Way and Guildford Way around Town Centre Park:  
    • Raised protected microbility bike lanes will be installed between new curb and concrete sidewalks; 
    • Planted boulevard and landscaping;
    • Lane changes; and, 
    • New street lighting and traffic signal improvements. 

This will provide connections to existing multi-use pathways along Pinetree Way and Guildford Way around Town Centre Park. 

A future phase (phase 3) will continue the separated micromobility lanes up to Pipeline Road. 


April 3, 2023 - Coquitlam Receives Funding for Guildford Greenway Micromobility Project

Grant Funding -  B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program, and $2.5 million from TransLink’s Municipal Cost Share Programs, approximately 60 per cent of the project will be funded by partners.

Micromobility as a Growing Trend

Micromobility is more than just bikes – it refers to a range of low- to medium-speed transportation devices that are people or electric powered including bikes, e-scooters and skateboards. 

Micromobility is an emerging and important part of transportation options either for standalone trips, or at the beginning or end of transit trips. This is especially true in transit-oriented development areas such as City Centre and Burquitlam-Lougheed.

With e-scooters allowed for use in Coquitlam as part of a provincial pilot project, they and e-bikes have the potential to help navigate Coquitlam’s challenging terrain, and provide another sustainable transportation option for residents and visitors. 

Continued micromobility integration will be addressed as part of the City’s E-Mobility Strategy, currently in development, along with the update to the Strategic Transportation Plan

Additionally, continued growth in environmentally friendly modes of travel support the City’s goals around sustainability as outlined in theEnvironmental Sustainability Plan, and economic goals identified in theEconomic Development Strategy (currently in development).