Fees & Charges

Building Permit Fees

Building permits are based on "value of construction", so, the bigger the job, the higher the fee. The initial fee is an application fee with the balance of the permit fee being paid upon picking up the issued permit. A damage deposit is charged for work exceeding $50,000 in value, and is calculated on the basis of lot frontage. Detailed information on Building Permit fees is contained the City of Coquitlam’s Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D" (PDF).

Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Program

CACs are a voluntary financial contribution made by an applicant to a municipality at the time of rezoning of a property to assist with offsetting the burden of the development on the community. CAC programs typically apply only to new residential density created as part of development. Many Metro Vancouver municipalities have CAC programs, each of which varies in terms of some of the details of how it is applied.

Coquitlam’s CAC applies up to a maximum floor area (FAR) of 2.5 times the lot area. For higher density developments above an FAR of 2.5, which would typically be high-rise buildings, the City has an optional Density Bonus Program that developers can use that also includes a financial contribution to the City. The CAC program only applies to new residential density (i.e., additional building floor area) that is associated with a rezoning application.

For additional information please refer to the Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Program page.

Development Applications Fees

For a list of application fees for development applications including rezoning, subdivision, development permit and development variance permit, please see the Development Planning Application Fee Schedule (PDF).

Development Cost Charges (DCCs)

Development applications are subject to pay Development Cost Charges (DCCs) to the City at the time of approval. Also, the file manager will provide the applicant with an estimate of the City’s DCCs, in addition to the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District DCCs and School Site Acquisition charges that will also be required.

For information on the Development Cost Charges (DCC), refer to the Development Cost Charge Bylaw Number 4950, 2019 (PDF).

Plumbing & Sprinkler Permits

Cost for Plumbing and Sprinkler permits will depend on the type of system you are installing. Plumbing and Sprinkler permit fees are outlined in the City’s Building Bylaw as well as the Coquitlam Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D". To find Plumbing permit fees scroll down the Building Bylaw Fees and Charges document until you come to heading VI: Plumbing Systems.

Sign Permit Fees

For sign permit application fees, please see the Sign Permit Fee Schedule (PDF). Note:

  • Fees are per sign.
  • Double fees are charged if a sign(s) is installed prior to permit issuance.
  • Sign value is based on installed cost to customer (may require documentation).

Comfort Letter & Bylaw Inquiry Letter Fees

For Comfort Letter and Bylaw Inquiry Letter Fees, please see the following guide (PDF).

Subdivision Inspection Fees

Inspection fees are required to be paid by a developer prior to final subdivision approval or building permit approval for a development. The inspection fee is the following percentage of either the value of the works calculated by the Manager or the value of a signed contract for the works executed by the owner and the owner’s contractor, plus 10%, provided such amount is acceptable to the Manager:

Estimated Construction Costs Fee

Estimated Construction CostsFee
First $100,000
Next $150,000
Next $250,000
Next $500,000

Change of Address Fees

To apply for a change to an existing address, submit a letter, with the required fee, outlining the reason(s) for the request, to:
City of Coquitlam
Planning and Development Department
3000 Guildford Way
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 7N2

Address Change fees are outlined in the City’s Building Bylaw as well as the Coquitlam Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D" (PDF)

Damage Deposit Fees 

Damage deposits are required at the permit stage for new single and multiple family building permits. For information about costs please contact the Building Permits Division at 604-927-3441.

Water Service Shutdown Keys

Water shut-off keys are available for a refundable cash deposit of $50 at the Austin Service Centre, 500 Mariner Way (keys must be returned within 30 days for a refund of deposit). For more information please contact the Building Permits Division at 604-927-3441.