Fees and Charges

Please note: In late 2023 and spring 2024, the Province introduced housing-related legislative changes that require the City to rewrite municipal rules around zoning, development, fees and charges, and public engagement. The information on this web page may be out of date. Visit Housing Changes in Coquitlam for more information.

Development Applications Fees

To see a list of development application fees, including fees for rezoning, subdivision, development permit and development variance permits, please refer to the Development Planning Application Fee Schedule (PDF).

Please note: For Applications submitted after January 03, 2022, mail-out postage cost recovery for public consultation will be collected by staff after the letters have been sent out.

Funding for Growth

Coquitlam is a fast-growing city in a rapidly developing region. Its leadership and citizens believe new development must contribute positively to the community while making sure that infrastructure and amenities, such as parks and recreation facilities, are built to serve new and existing residents. 

Developers of all sizes contribute to these community assets through three main funding mechanisms: Development Cost Charges, Community Amenity Contributions through rezoning and, in some cases, Density Bonuses

These funding programs operate on the principle of shared value: the community, the development sector and the City all benefit from the increased value created through growth, which includes funding amenities to support a growing community.

Application Process and Revenue Intake

To help understand what fees are required and when, as well as the entire application process as a whole, please review our Application Process and Revenue Intake timeline document. This graphic shows what fees are associated with the various stages of the application process and when they are due. 

Pay Security

  1. By Cash
  2. By Certified Cheque, Bank Draft or Money Order – made payable to the "City of Coquitlam"; or
  3. Letter of Credit (PDF) - Issued by a bank or credit union within the Metro Vancouver area. If a company or individual is providing the security on behalf of the property owner, a Letter of obligation must be provided by the company or individual providing the security.

Subdivision Inspection Fees

Developers are required to pay inspection fees before final subdivision approval or building permit approval for a development. The inspection fee is the following percentage of either the value of the works calculated by the Manager, or the value of a signed contract for the works executed by the owner and the owner’s contractor, plus 10%, provided such amount is acceptable to the Manager:

Estimated Construction Costs Fee

Estimated Construction CostsFee
First $100,0005.0%
Next $150,0004.5%
Next $250,0004.25%
Next $500,0003.75%

Building Permit Fees

Building permits are based on "value of construction"—the bigger the job, the higher the fee. The initial fee is an application fee. You pay the balance of the permit fee when you pick up the issued permit. 

For more detailed information on Building Permit fees, please refer to the Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D" (PDF).

Plumbing and Sprinkler Permits

Plumbing and Sprinkler Permit cost depends on the type of system you are installing.

For more information on plumbing permit fees, please refer to the Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D" (PDF)

Sign Permit Fees

Sign value is based on the cost of installation to the applicant and may require documentation. Sign permit fees are charged per sign. If a sign(s) is installed prior to permit issuance, double fees are charged.

For more information on sign permit application fees, please refer to the Sign Permit Fee Schedule (PDF).

Damage Deposit Fees 

Applicants for new single and multiple family building permits are required to pay a damage deposit before the permit is issued.

For more information about damage deposit costs, please contact the Building Permits Division at 604-927-3441.

Water Service Shut-Off Keys

Water service shut-off keys are available for a refundable cash deposit of $50 at the Austin Service Centre, 500 Mariner Way, you must return the keys within 30 days for a deposit refund.

For more information on water service shutdown keys, please contact the Building Permits Division at 604-927-3441.

Comfort Letter and Bylaw Inquiry Letter Fees

For more information on Comfort Letter and Bylaw Inquiry Letter fees, please refer to the guide (PDF).

Change of Address Fees

To apply for a change to an existing address, submit a letter, with the required fee, outlining the reason(s) for the request, to:

City of Coquitlam
Planning and Development Department
3000 Guildford Way
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 7N2

For more information on Address Change fees, please refer to the Fees and Charges Bylaw Schedule "D" (PDF)