Water Exemption Permits

  1. Nematode Treatments
  2. New Lawns

Nematodes are microscopic organisms that can control European Chafer beetles and are most effective when applied between late July and mid-August. As your lawn must be watered thoroughly before and after a nematode application, you can apply for a Water Exemption Permit from the City to water outside of the water use restrictions.

Please refer to our European Chafer Beetle Information to learn about managing European Chafer beetle infestations on your lawn.


  • Applicants must show proof of nematode purchase (e.g. receipt for nematode purchase or invoice from the company providing the nematode treatment service).
  • Permits are allowed to continue during Stage 3 water use restrictions but will be void in Stage 4.
  • Permits are free of charge and may be eligible for a one-time renewal, if applying two treatments.
  • Permits are valid for three weeks (21 days) from the permit issue date and only apply to the lawn area treated with nematodes.
  • Permits must be displayed at the front of the property and visible from the curb and/or sidewalk.
  • Watering of the treated lawn area with a permit is allowed outside of the permitted watering days and times, within the permit’s validity period.

How to Apply

Apply Online

Apply online by completing the Nematode Water Exemption Permit application form (PDF), and emailing the application form and proof of nematode application to Water Conservation. Please allow up to 3 business days for staff to process and issue the permit.

Apply in Person

Apply in person at Engineering Customer Service at City Hall. Please bring your proof of nematode purchase. Permits will be ready for pickup on the same business day.


Companies may apply for nematode permits on behalf of multiple properties:

Please email Water Conservation and attach a complete and updated list of property addresses requiring permits, including the full names and contact numbers of the residents. Please organize the list in alphabetical order based on the residents’ last name.

Expected Time of Return

Please allow up to 5 business days for staff to process and issue the permits.