Wildlife Management

Living Smart with Urban Wildlife

Coquitlam is home to bears, cougars, coyotes, deer, raccoon, skunks, crows, pigeons and many other wildlife. This is why we find these animals in our neighbourhoods sometimes seeking out garbage for food as well as looking for shelter.

It is important that we deter wildlife from our properties by removing attractants, such as garbage, fruit, pet food and bird seed and preventing access to areas that wildlife may use as a den.

We live on nature’s doorstep and these animals are part of our environment, but they can become pests and unwanted visitors. Help prevent human-wildlife conflict.

Tips to Make Your Home & Property Wildlife-Resistant

  • Freeze meat and strong smelling food scraps until collection day.
  • Store Garbage Carts, Green Carts and recycling bins in an area inaccessible to wildlife.
  • Place Carts and recycling at the curbside after 5:30 am on collection day.
  • Store refrigerators and freezers inside.
  • Keep pet food inside.
  • Pick fruit as soon as it is ripe.
  • Suspend bird feeders and clean up fallen bird seed.
  • Practice responsible backyard composting.
  • Keep your Green Cart and Garbage Cart clean between collection days.
  • Keep barbeques clean.

Violations & Fines

Residents can be fined up to $500 for not managing their attractants correctly. It is every resident’s responsibility to make sure their waste does not attract wildlife as outlined in our Solid Waste Management Bylaw (PDF) and Wildlife and Vector Control Bylaw (PDF).

In addition, feeding wildlife is illegal in British Columbia under section 33.1 and 88.1 of the Wildlife Protection Act.

Report a Concern

Report a wildlife concern using the following methods:

  • To report wildlife attractants, improper storage of attractants or wildlife accessing attractants, call the City at 604-927-3500.
  • To report wildlife that is aggressive or causing property damage, call the Conservation Officer Service at 877-952-7277.