Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers help keep Coquitlam safe and clean, protect our environment, and support our seniors and those in need. Volunteers make our community programs and events a success, and provide a dynamic environment where all are welcome.

We appreciate the contributions of our volunteers, which are what allow us to extend our reach and impact in the community. Our volunteers help enrich the lives of others and makes Coquitlam a great place to live, learn and play. 

Stories from our Volunteers

If you are a City volunteer, or have volunteered for the City and have a story or experience you'd like to share, please do so here.

  1. Man raking gravel at Inspiration Garden

    Pedro - Adopt-a-Trail, Adopt-A-Catch Basin, Inspiration Garden

    I started volunteering at Inspiration Garden in summer 2021. Read on...
  2. Lady and child looking at books in a Little Library.

    Karen - Little Library Program

    I love having the opportunity to brighten someone's day. Read on...
  3. Youth Council

    Youth Council

    A highlight for many Coquitlam Youth Council members is the ability to give back to the community! Read on...
  4. Tim - RecreationSpecial Events - Volunteer

    Tim - Recreation/Special Events Volunteer

    As a City volunteer, I get to do many different roles and get to work with many different staff and volunteers! Read on...
  5. Boys cleaning trash on trails.

    Thomas - Adopt-A-Trail

    I love Coquitlam's Harper Park, so I volunteer in the Park Spark Program, which is a cool program that allows me to take care of the trail and keep it clean. Read on...
  6. Mad holding brown paper delivery bag with food.

    Bob - Meal Delivery

    When I make a meal delivery to a senior in our community, I have a feeling of bringing something good to someone's morning or someone's day. Read on...
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Current Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Adopt-a-Catch Basin
  2. Adopt-a-Trail or Street
  3. Bad Seed
  4. Coquitlam RCMP
  5. Letters of Kindness
  6. Park Spark
  7. Recreation & Community
  8. Supporting Seniors
  9. Tree Spree

Adopt-a Catch Basin

Coquitlam has over 16,000 catch basins removing excess water from our streets every time it rains. While they help prevent flooding on neighbourhood streets, we also need to protect the health of fish and aquatic habitat as the catch basins connect directly to our local watercourses.

Adopt-a-Catch Basin to keep it clear from leaves, debris, litter and snow !

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