Coquitlam in Bloom

What is Coquitlam in Bloom?

The Coquitlam in Bloom program fosters community pride for green space enhancements through stewardship events and initiatives such as Park Spark, Adopt-a-Park, and Bad Seed community weed pulls.

2023 Communities in Bloom

Coquitlam was recognized for several awards at the 2023 Communities in Bloom National and International Symposium and Awards, including a rating of 5 Blooms – Gold with special recognition for Immigrant Link Centre Society and three Outstanding Achievement Awards for Environmental Action, Tree Management and the Plants Love You contest.

Coquitlam received three Outstanding Achievement Awards, including:

  1. The Environmental Action Award from the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.
  2. The Tree Management Award, acknowledging the City's contributions to the overall well-being of the environment and residents.
  3. The Plants Love You Award, recognizing Coquitlam's Inspiration Garden and new Garden Walk at Town Centre Park.

You can read the City's Media Release from October 5, 2023.

Proud To Grow Here Contest

Check out the Proud to Grow Here contest winners below.

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2022 - We're Blooming with Pride 

Coquitlam has received the following awards at the 2022 Communities in Bloom National/International Symposium and Awards Ceremonies in Victoria, B.C. on Oct. 22, 2022.

We want to thank everyone who was instrumental in supporting the Coquitlam in Bloom  program this year. To all the volunteers, community organizations, local businesses and the Coquitlam in Bloom Community Committee, your efforts have helped showcase Coquitlam to the world. 

Coquitlam Tree Spree 

Coquitlam Tree Spree is a tree-planting initiative and public-education program with the overall purpose of recognizing and promoting the value of the City’s tree canopy. Whether on public or private land, Coquitlam’s trees offer many benefits for our health, well-being and the environment. To learn more about Coquitlam’s Tree Spree program and activities, including dates, times and locations of Tree Canopy Walks, Nature Walks and more, click here.

Trees for Small Spaces

Small space? No problem!  Visit the City Centre Pop-up Park at the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Baldwin St. next to Coquitlam Centre to view samples of trees that thrive in planters and small spaces. For more info about container-friendly trees, click here

Get Involved

The Coquitlam in Bloom program is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of residents, volunteers and businesses while providing a focus for activities that bring people together and promote community spirit. 

Ways to get involved include:

  • Help beautify the places where you live, work or spend time - consider planting a garden, tidying up the property and improving street appeal. 
  • Help keep Coquitlam tidy and litter-free.
  • Join a Bad Seed weed pull and learn how to stop the introduction and spread of plants that can be harmful to people, animals and ecosystems.
  • Protect our pollinators! Consider making your own pollinator garden this spring.


Want to learn more about the many programs and initiatives that make Coquitlam in Bloom an award-winning program? Check out our 2022 Profile Book and watch our video.

Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering community pride, environmental responsibility and beautification. It uses friendly competition between communities to bring together local businesses, service clubs, residents and civic government to focus on enhancing their community. Visit the Communities in Bloom website.

Learn more about Coquitlam’s involvement in Communities in Bloom by watching the video below made by Metro Vancouver.