Residential High-Rises

Everywhere people go today, they’re connected. Even at home they expect their high-paced speed of life to keep up – whether it’s streaming Game of Thrones or asking Alexa to dim the lights. 

Enter QNet. By connecting your building with our state-of-the-art fibre optic network, you can give your residents access to the choices they want – such as who to use as their service provider – and the speed they need. 

If you’re a building manager or member of a residential strata for a high-rise tower, contact us about getting your building connected. 

And the best part? Bringing the fibre optic cable to your building costs you nothing. Zero. Nada. 

At this time, QNet is not available to single-family homes. 

What is QNet? 

QNet is the City of Coquitlam’s fibre optic network. Our close-to-90 kilometres of cable stretches throughout the community, connecting residential high-rises, businesses, shopping centres, schools and other large facilities. 

We lease the cable to telecom service providers, who then deliver high-bandwidth services to their customers – you and your fellow residents.

How to Get Connected

We invite you – as a building owner or strata council – to contact us for information about getting your building connected. If you’re the owner of a high-rise condo, please speak with your strata. 

After getting connected, you can choose your service provider. QNet will continue to support the telecom duct and fibre connection for as long as the fibre cable is in service. That includes fixing any future problems associated with the connection.

How Your Building Benefits 

  • Your residents will have access to the fastest and most reliable internet and telecom services at competitive prices. This includes faster downloads, smoother video streaming and improved wireless access.
  • You’ll have the option of negotiating a building-wide deal with one of QNet’s telecom service providers or allowing your unit owners and tenants to manage their services individually. 
  • If you take the second approach, each unit owner or tenant will be able to choose telecom/internet services from any of QNet’s service providers as well as the regular large providers for internet, phone and TV services.