Cedar Drive Project

The Cedar Drive Project will provide critical utility servicing and DCC works along Cedar Drive in the area east of Burke Mountain Village. Planning for this project began approximately ten years ago, and now has transitioned to the design and construction stage. This will be the largest and likely the most complex project that will be delivered by the City’s Engineering & Public Works department in the current 5-year capital plan.

  1. Objective
  2. Background
  3. Timeline
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The objectives of the Cedar Drive Project are as follows:

  • Construct trunk sanitary sewer facilities along Cedar Drive and extending to Upper Victoria Drive, to serve existing and new development in the eastern part of the Partington Creek Neighbourhood.
  • Construct a flood channel and environmental works along the upper section of Cedar Drive, to convey existing and future flows in Partington Creek as well as raise Cedar drive by 1.5 metres to mitigate flood impacts from freshets in the Pitt River/Fraser River system.
  • Enhance the environmental conditions in Partington Creek, including installation of riparian areas, to provide an “offset” to impacts from the development planned in the area, as outlined in the Partington Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan.
  • Upgrade the upper section of Cedar Drive as a transportation corridor to a two lane width, as well as constructing a multi-use pathway and street lighting.