Heritage Inventory

Coquitlam Heritage Inventory

A heritage inventory is a list of buildings, properties and sites with qualities or characteristics that contribute to the City’s heritage. Placement on the heritage inventory requires an evaluation of the building, property or site, and a review of historic records.

The inventory can be used, for example, to help increase public awareness of the existence and value of local heritage resources which may result in more of these buildings being retained and rehabilitated by property owners.

Revised Maillardville Heritage Inventory (2007)

On July 30, 2007, City Council adopted a revised Maillardville Heritage Inventory (PDF). The 2007 Maillardville Heritage Inventory is based on an earlier civic heritage inventory that was conducted for the City in 1986. The revised Maillardville Heritage Inventory lists all of the remaining buildings and properties that were included in the 1986 heritage inventory.