Recreation Access

Recreation Access Programs

Coquitlam is a welcoming and inclusive community. We respect individual differences and recognize that people of all ages, abilities and cultures provide value to our community. 

We offer a number of programs designed to address barriers to recreation:

Recreation Accessibility Resource Guide

Coquitlam offers adaptive programs, accessible facilities and equipment to enhance recreation accessibility in the community to provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and means to access recreation. View the Recreation Accessibility Resource Guide (PDF).

Coquitlam’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

As an organization, Coquitlam is on a journey to better serve our vibrant and diverse community by incorporating an EDI  lens in all City business, including our policies and practices, the language we use, how we plan neighbourhoods, and how and what services we provide.

For more information visit our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Accessibility pages.