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Printed Collection Calendar Opt-out Form

  1. Coquitlam prints and mails a paper copy of the curbside collection calendar every June. This year, we’re exploring more environmentally friendly options to deliver this important information to residents. All of the essential collection information included in the printed calendar is also available on demand on the free Coquitlam Curbside Collection app

    Residents who receive collection services and who do not wish to receive a printed curbside collection calendar for 2024/25 have the option to complete the short opt-out form below from now until December 31, 2023

  2. Collection Notice*

    I understand by submitting this form, I am consenting to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of my personal information for the purposes of the City’s Waste Collection Program in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. I understand that my personal information will be disclosed to third-party service providers (i.e. website host Civic Plus) located in Canada for the purpose of processing the form. If I have questions or concerns about the collection of my personal information, I may email the Residential Waste Reduction and Diversion Coordinator or call 604-927-3500. 

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