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Recreation Support Request Form


  1. 1. Notice
  2. 2. Applicant Information
  3. 3. Parent / Guardian Information
  4. 4. Registered Recreation Programs Information
  5. 5. Details About My Child
  • Notice

    1. The City of Coquitlam strives to provide accessible recreation opportunities for children and youth.  After reviewing this form, a Community Services Coordinator will be in contact with you to discuss your child’s recreation support plan.  

      A recreation support plan can support your child’s experience by:

      • Providing key information to program leaders 
      • Employing strategies such as: having resources including visual cards and noise cancelling headphones available & ensuring program spaces meet accessibility requirements 

      Our ability to accommodate may depend on:

      • Level of support requested and available resources at the time of registration
      • Behaviours beyond the scope of a recreation support plan may include: physical and verbal aggression, wandering/running from the group, other behaviours placing staff and/or participants in unsafe situations
      • Recreation staff do not administer medication or directly assist with feeding, dressing or toileting

      Please note: recreation staff and volunteers do not support participants in a one-to-one capacity. Caregivers can arrange for their own support person (EA, BI), trusted family member or friend (over 16 years) to accompany their child if needed. 

      • The City of Coquitlam may be able to offer minimum of 1 week of one-on-one support per family during July-August camps.
      • Support opportunities are not guaranteed and are available and allocated on a needs basis.

      For late registrations such as waitlist openings or any withdrawals, contact us directly at 604-927-6076 

      Any registrations not listed on this form require completion of a NEW request form.