Noise travels – be mindful of noise including music and noise from pets. Be considerate and do not create excessive noise that may disturb your neighbours.

View the Noise Regulation Bylaw Number 1233, 1982 (PDF)

What You Need to Know

Human Noise

  • Noise generated by people, including yelling, loud music, and vehicle engine revving, can disturb other people in your neighbourhood. Be considerate of the amount of noise you make so that everyone can enjoy their outdoor spaces.
    • Residential Amplified Noise Permit:

One permit per calendar year may be issued to allow for amplified noise in a residential neighbourhood. 

All amplified noise must end by 10 p.m. 

Equipment Noise

  • Noise from equipment such as heat pumps and pool equipment can be disturbing. 
    • Placing noise generating equipment in the rear yard will reduce the noise heard by neighbours

View the Zoning Bylaw Number 3000, 1996 - Section 514 Siting Exceptions (4)

Pet Noise 

  • Excessive or unreasonable amount of barking noise by dogs or noise from other pets disturbs neighbourhoods. 
    • Ensure that your dog does not bark or howl uncontrollably by not leaving your dog outside unsupervised.

Construction Noise

  • Construction noise is permitted between: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Friday and between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday.
  • Homeowners working on their own property, other than constructing a new home, can also work between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sunday or holidays.
  • Noise from construction for profit or gain is not permitted on Sunday or holidays.
  • Holiday schedule for 2023:
    • New Year's Day Sunday, Jan. 1
    • Family Day Monday, Feb. 20
    • Good Friday Friday, April 7
    • Easter Monday Monday, April 10
    • Victoria Day Monday, May 22
    • Canada Day Saturday, July 1
    • BC Day Monday, Aug. 7
    • Labour Day Monday, Sept. 4
    • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Saturday, Sept. 30
    • Thanksgiving Day Monday, Oct. 9
    • Remembrance Day Saturday, Nov. 11
    • Christmas Day Monday, Dec. 25
    • Boxing Day Tuesday, Dec. 26
    • New Year's Day 2024 Monday, Jan. 1 2024
  • For more information about the holiday schedule, contact Bylaw Enforcement

Noise Within a Strata or Rental Property

  • Noise disturbances occurring within a strata or rental property, such as a condo, townhouse or mobile home, must be reported to the strata council or strata management company for enforcement.
    • If you are not a resident of the strata property where the noise is being generated (i.e. you live at a neighbouring property), you may report to the City.

Engine Brake Noise

  • Engine brakes are not permitted to be used in residential neighbourhoods, except in an emergency situation.

View the Street and Traffic Bylaw Number 4402, 2014 (PDF) – Section 30. Engine Brakes

How to Report

To report a Noise Regulation Bylaw concern, call 604-927-3580 or email.

Learn more about Bylaw Enforcement.