Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Services

Coquitlam Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Services is a part of the Legislative Services Department. The primary goals of bylaw enforcement are to ensure public safety and maintain community harmony. 

We investigate various allegations of bylaw contraventions and endeavor to resolve complaints through education and voluntary compliance when appropriate. Our actions are guided by the city’s Bylaw Enforcement Policy (PDF) and our Mission Statement:

Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Services provides dedicated and knowledgeable service in the community by promoting animal care, public safety and compliance with community standards through education and enforcement.

Decentralized Enforcement Model

Bylaw Enforcement Officers in different city divisions enforce various bylaws dealing with a wide-range of municipal regulations. This ensures that a bylaw’s subject matter expert is also generally responsible for its enforcement. 

The Legislative Services Department enforce the following bylaws:

  • Animal Care and Control
  • Business Licence
  • Controlled Substances
  • Firearm and Bow Discharge
  • Intermunicipal Business Licence
  • Litter and Desecration Prohibition
  • Noise Regulation
  • Postering 
  • Scrap Metal Dealers
  • Smoking Control
  • Street and Traffic (including commercial vehicles)
  • Street Vending and Special Event Vending 
  • Town Centre Parking Management 
  • Unsightly Premises 
  • Vehicle for Hire 
  • Wild or Exotic Animal Prohibition 
  • Zoning (for zoning issues post-development).

For a list of Coquitlam’s bylaws, please use our Bylaw Search tool, or visit our Frequently Requested Bylaws.