Garbage Carts

Acceptable Materials

  1. Hygiene or Medical Waste
  2. Non-compostable materials
  3. Non-recyclable materials
  • diapers
  • feminine hygiene products
  • sanitary cleaning products
  • bandages

Unacceptable Materials

  1. Food Scraps
  2. Food Soiled Paper
  3. Large or Heavy Items
  4. Recyclables
  5. Yard Waste
  • Dairy products, including cheese and yogurt
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Meat, bones, fish, and seafood shells
  • Noodles, rice, beans, and grains
  • Small amounts of oil and fat (soaked in paper towel or newspaper)
  • Teabags, coffee grounds, and filters

Missed Collections

If you missed your collection, please contact Waste Connections of Canada.


  • Do not place food scraps or recycling in your Garbage Cart. Doing so may result in a $150 fine.
  • Do not place your cart out the night before collection. Doing so may result in a $500 fine.

Garbage Cart Options

Residents are only permitted to have one garbage at their property, even if they have a legal secondary suite.

When you increase the size of your garbage cart, this will increase your annual utility fees.

Contact Waste Reduction by email or call 604-927-3500 to exchange cart size.

2021 Garbage Utility Fees

Garbage carts are available in three sizes (120 litre, 240 litre, and 360 litre) and can be exchanged at any time, however exchange fees may apply.

The 2021 Garbage Utility Fees for each cart size are as follows:

  • 120 litre size - $256 per year
  • 240 litre size - $340 per year
  • 360 litre size - $480 per year