Extra Yard Waste & Trimmings

Residents that pay Garbage and Green Waste Utility fees receive unlimited yard trimmings collection twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Find out where else to dispose of extra yard waste at other times of the year for free.

Seasonal Unlimited Yard Trimmings Collection

For six weeks every spring and fall, residents who receive curbside collection from the City can put out extra yard trimmings for pick-up on their regular collection day. 

Next Seasonal Unlimited Yard Trimmings Collection dates: 

  • Fall: October 17 – November 24, 2022

Set-out options for extra yard trimmings during Seasonal Unlimited Yard Trimmings Collection:

  • Place grass clippings, leaves, prunings, and small branches in kraft paper bags or in old garbage cans with a Yard Trimmings Sticker (PDF)
    • Download and print a sticker or call 604-927-3500 to get stickers
  • Tie bundles of branches with twine
    • Individual branches must be less than 7.5cm (3 in.) in diameter and no more than 1m (3ft.) in length
  • Bundles, bags, and containers must not block sidewalks, laneways or streets and can weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lbs) each

Rocks, sod, and soil are not accepted.

Do not place food scraps or plastic bags in your yard trimmings bags or cans.

Green Carts cannot be placed at the curb before 5:30 am on your collection day during this event, even if they only contain yard waste, as per Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 4679, 2016

Note: A separate truck collects the extra yard trimmings and may arrive at a different time than the regular Green cart collection.

United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre

Coquitlam residents can drop off yard trimmings for free at the United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre all year round. 

The program is for residential material only. This consists of yard and garden waste from a residential property within the City of Coquitlam and may include grass clippings, leaves, plants and plant cuttings, tree and hedge pruning’s and tree branches to a maximum of 10 centimeters (4 inches) in diameter. Please note: Green Waste from commercial operations, including businesses such as landscaping or yard maintenance businesses, will not be accepted under this program.

Program Guidelines: 

  1. Green waste must be loose (removed from bags). 
  2. Customers must be using personal vehicles, no business/commercial vehicles permitted.
  3. Proof of City of Coquitlam residency required.
    1. A valid Driver’s License
    2. Current Utility or Property Tax bill, Electrical or Gas Bill