Yard Waste & Trimmings

During this time, residents receiving solid waste collection from the City can put out extra yard trimmings.

Set-out options for additional yard trimmings:

  • Place yard trimmings – like leaves, prunings and small branches – in kraft paper bags.
  • Bundle branches.
    • Individual branches must be less than 7.5 cm (3 in.) in diameter and no more than 1 m (3 ft.) in length.
  • Use old garbage cans with a Yard Trimmings Waste Can Sticker.
  • Green Carts cannot be placed at the curbside before 5:30 a.m. during this event on collection day, even if they do not contain food scraps.
  • Bundles and containers must not block sidewalks, laneways or streets and can weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lbs) each. Sod, rocks, soil and plastic bags are not accepted.

Note: A separate truck collects the excess yard trimmings and may arrive later than the regular Green Cart collector.

Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre

Yard trimmings can be dropped off at the Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre all year round. Free for Coquitlam residents (proof of residency required.)

Location of Coquitlam Transfer Station on a Map